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Norman Building and Design

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TDS Telecom

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BioPharma Resource Groups


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StringRay Communications


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Horse Guard








"As an Opportunity Knocks Member for over 12 years, I have learned a lot of things from my team. The ROI of being a member is awesome. Opportunity Knocks is one of the best investments I have made in my business."
~Kevin Gorman, Owner WebCyclery
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"Being a member of Opportunity Knocks means having a trusted group who will give you input on any issue big or small and from A to Z. The input is invaluable; it comes from your team who are like your Board of Advisors, Peers, Friends and Cheerleaders for you and your business."
~Dianna E. Shawver, Vice President SecurityPros.
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"The Opportunity Knocks facilitated peer-to-peer problem solving and sharing of best practices that happens monthly in small group meetings has been the difference between business success and failure for many of our local companies."
~Roger Lee, Executive Director Economic Development for Central Oregon.
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"The ideas generated during our team meeting discussions have energized and encouraged me to be more proactive in addressing company issues. It also feels good to be a help to others in the group when they need it."
~Lupita Wesseler, Office Administrator, Compass Commercial Real Estate.
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"Opportunity Knocks has given me access to dynamic, shrewd business minds that challenge me to continually to improve who I am as a businessman and person."
~Greg Fowler, Fowler Summers
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Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks inspires small business excellence by providing business leaders with the tools to think strategically, solve problems and achieve goals. Members are divided into teams of twelve that meet monthly for three hours to discuss critical business issues. Each team member provides an update on their business including how they implemented action steps provided from the previous meeting. Through these peer-to-peer advisory teams, trusted and lasting relationships are formed that provide each member encouragement, inspiration and direction for their business. Opportunity Knocks also provides learning opportunities including quarterly education seminars.