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Opportunity Knocks and Oregon State University Cascades

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Leadership ItsOwnSelf with Dr. Rod Ray


Four Sessions: Tuesdays January 23 – February 13 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm (with optional gathering after each session at Cascade Lakes Brewing)

At OSU Cascades

Join Dr. Rod Ray for an interactive course on Leadership ItsOwnSelf. Dr. Ray will share what he learned during 34 years at Bend Research—the last seven as CEO. Bend Research is easily one of Bend’s most iconic and successful businesses, a leader in the pharmaceutical development technology industry. The company was recently acquired by Capsugel in one of Bend’s largest acquisitions ever.

About the course: 

This “practical leadership” course draws on the experiences of Rod Ray as he helped lead Bend Research. During Rod’s career, Bend Research worked in a variety of technology areas, including space applications (for NASA), military, the chemical process industries, environmental applications, electronics, agriculture, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Bend Research also spun—off companies thereby directly manufacturing, marketing, and selling high-technology products to various markets. Additionally, Bend Research pursued a successful licensing strategy where milestone payments and royalties flowed to the company from customer commercial use of Bend Research Technologies.

Bend Research varied in size during this period from around 20 people to over 300 people, with a highly inter-disciplinary staff. This growth, along with the rich breadth- and depth-of-knowledge and skills of the Bend Research Staff, and her customers, lead to fascinating and valuable leadership lessons.

This four-session course is divided into two halves. In the first two sessions, the “Foundations of Leadership” will be studied, debated, and practiced by the class participants. In the second half of the course, days three and four, the “Foundations” developed in the first two sessions will be “Applied” to Operating Excellence and to Leading through Change, with a Course Summary focused on how to live and develop a “Culture.”

The participant will have fun, build relationships with Rod and the class participants, and embody a rich base of practical leadership approaches and tools for direct use in their organization.


About Dr. Ray:  Dr. Ray is a member of Capsugel and Bend Research’s Scientific and Business Advisory Board. He worked at Bend Research from 1983 to 2014, and continues as a consultant. He joined the company when they had 4 employees, became CEO when they had 135 employees and was CEO at the time of acquisition when they had 250 employees. Dr. Ray played the key leadership role in Bend Research over those years, forging the strategy and execution of a company that includes about 25 PhD’s among its team.

Dr. Ray holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University and a master’s degree and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado – Boulder.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado and Oregon, holds 21 U.S. patents and has 41 scientific publications. Dr. Ray is also a community leader and, as an OSU grad, has played an important role in bringing OSU Cascades to Bend.

Here’s what former students say about the class:

“I perceived the topic of leadership as an abstract subject. Dr. Ray’s thoughtful approach provided the essential elements and characteristics that support good leadership. I’d recommend the course to anyone who aspires to become a leader or those who find themselves in a leadership role.”

“Rod’s personal business experience and style delivered through the course helped me connect many dots for myself in terms of the type of leader I am and strive to be. Many things about leadership that I didn’t have the confidence to simply engrain into my belief system were discussed in the course and reinforced my personal experience. It has given me peace of mind, going forward on how I lead.”

“I used information from each class with my team the very next day. Rod had a way of knowing what I needed to learn and helped me apply it to my business.”

“I’ve read a lot on leadership and attended a lot of training, but Rod’s class brought the critical elements of leadership–the emotional intelligence of the leader, the vision and the tools–all together in story form from his own fascinating experience. Exceptionally helpful!”

Tuition: $495

Scholarships are available, contact Aly Waibel for more information: [email protected]

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