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Learning from Others: Success & Failures

Posted by Ann Egle
Ann Egle
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on Wednesday, 07 March 2012
in Learning from Others: Successes and Failures

Some of you are lifetime learners while others learn by necessity. Contrary to the “You learn from your mistakes” theory in which you were raised, sports science has proven that our greatest learning is from successes and not failures.
Picture a football player watching videos of his successful passes and touchdowns over and over again. What will he think about the next time he goes onto the field? Success!
Now imagine this same player viewing only repeats of his missed passes, other team’s touchdowns. He’ll enter the field with visions of failure and his actions will reflect these thoughts.
Of course it is wise to notice when things don’t work so well and correct the next time, but the true key to success is in acknowledging and learning from yours and other’s accomplishments.
Some of our greatest leaning comes through observing the successes and failures of others. Instead of being jealous or critical, look for the learning. Always look for the learning.
Continually ask yourself:

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