Organization Description

Opportunity Knocks is the one Central Oregon business advisory organization that provides small business decision-makers the ability to achieve their goals by providing each member with their own collaborative peer-to-peer group of concerned small business advisors that offer trusted solutions.

Opportunity Knocks members are organized into teams of twelve non-competing businesses and/or non-profit organizations. Each team is led by two facilitators and meets once a month for three hours to openly, yet confidentially discuss critical business issues. Meetings follow a tested and proven format which requires individual member updates on their business including how they implemented action steps provided from the previous meeting. Meetings also focus on long-term, strategic issues, in the process encouraging team members to plan and strategize for the future. This format develops a culture of accountability among team members and these peer-to-peer advisory teams form trusted and lasting relationships that provide each member encouragement, inspiration and direction for their business.


Opportunity Knocks helps business leaders to think strategically, solve problems and achieve goals.


Opportunity Knocks inspires small business excellence

Strategic Plan

We are headed in an exciting direction. Here is a shortened version of our Strategic Plan for the coming years.

Strategic Plan Summary